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The Tale of Stanley's Deep Sea Fishing

Stanley’s Deep Sea Fishing, established in 1995, has a storied history rooted in the passion of its founder, Stanley Carvalho. A PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and angler, Stanley was inspired by a lifelong love for the ocean passed down from his father. Starting as a modest venture with a single boat and a small crew, including Captain Jack and Stanley himself, the company quickly gained a reputation for offering exceptional deep-sea fishing experiences in Negril, Jamaica. The operation has since expanded its fleet, invested in state-of-the-art equipment, and attracted anglers worldwide eager to test their skills against marlin, tuna, and other game fish.

Over the years, Stanley’s Deep Sea Fishing has become synonymous with adventure and excitement in Negril’s fishing community. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction led to the launch of Stanley’s Sea Sports, a sister venture offering a range of water activities like scuba diving and motorized watersports. This expansion has further solidified Stanley’s reputation as a distinguished contributor to Negril’s tourism sector. The company has also been steadfast in its commitment to sustainable fishing practices, including catch-and-release policies and active support for marine conservation efforts.

Today, Stanley’s Deep Sea Fishing stands as an industry leader, earning accolades and awards for its excellent service and commitment to conservation. Remaining family-owned and operated by Stanley, the company continues to provide unforgettable fishing experiences to anglers from around the world. From its humble beginnings to its current status as an internationally renowned fishing charter service, Stanley’s Deep Sea Fishing has left an indelible mark on the island’s deep-sea fishing landscape.

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Stanley's Deep Sea Fishing

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I have fished open oceans all over the world with most of my experience in Alaska so I booked the Head First for Feb 25th, 2020. The weather was perfect, sunny with light breezes. From the moment Stanley picked me up to the time I was back on shore was a great time. Captain Jack and Captain Martin who worked the back deck were true professionals. Lines were out within 10 minutes of raising anchor and all day they worked to find fish. We hit schools of fish several times during the day, having over 20 hook ups. As I was fishing solo there were fish lost as we had triples and quadruples at a time and I would get two in. By the end of the day 8 Tuna (2 species of tuna), 2 Mahi Mahi and a big Barracuda was in the box. We had Dolphins off the bow swimming twice and we saw Sperm Whales twice, One we were within 150′ of one basking on the surface before diving down to feed. The wife and I are booked to go back to Jamaica already next year and I am booking with Stanley’s to go out again, still looking for that YellowFin Tuna, Marlin and Swordfish.

Andrew NelsonĀ 

Outstanding Fishing experience

We did a half-day fishing charter with Captain Ron and Stevie. We had a great time. We caught 3 tuna and enjoyed a morning on the open water.

Shelli J

Friends Fishing Trip

went out on the Lucky Strike with Jacko as our captain and Tony was our first mate.
one of my favourite adventures from our 2 weeks in negril, and i’d do it again when we return.
i would request the same crew for sure! the captain was very thorough and kind.
the first mate tony worked his but off! we caught 7 fish that day! he did everything to help us catch all the fish, Tony made the experience! my only regret is i didn’t have more money to tip him, he was awesome. after we caught the fish they brought us back to shore and fillet them right up on the boat for us so we could take what we caught back to the resort and have it cooked for us that night for dinner.Eeverything was memorable about that trip! would recommend it to everyone!

Stacey CĀ 

would do it again in a heart beat!