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Head First

Length50 m|Capacity20|TypeBertramShare

The Bertram Beauty

Step aboard “Head First,” our 46-foot Bertram, the epitome of maritime luxury and performance. With a spacious cabin, bathrooms, an upper deck, and a tuna tower, this boat is designed for comfort and style.

Bertram boats are renowned for their seaworthiness, and “Head First” is no exception. Outfitted with International Penn gear, it’s a haven for both novice and seasoned anglers. Our experienced crew ensures a smooth and memorable journey. Whether you’re fishing or cruising, “Head First” offers an unparalleled experience.

Ready to set sail on a Bertram classic? Choose “Head First” for your next sea adventure.

Setting Sail from Negril, Jamaica

All our sea adventures commence from the beautiful shores of Negril, Jamaica. Known for its stunning beaches and vibrant marine life, Negril provides the perfect starting point for your fishing or cruising journey.